Susan Einhorn Whyman

Class: 1955Inducted: 2005

Dr. Susan Einhorn Whyman is living proof that it is never too late to continue learning, or to change careers. Dr. Whyman graduated from Mount Holyoke College, in 1959, magna cum laude, with a BA in History, and was named Phi Beta Kappa. She then received a Masters degree from Rutgers University in library science. After a career in library work, Dr. Einhorn decided she was due for a change. She entered Princeton University and began full-time graduate work at the age of 50. Delaying her advanced studies, she says, "gave me the dedication and appreciation of the academic environment I might not have had earlier". At her grad school orientation, face a sea of young faces. The lone other middle-aged person turned out to be the Dean! Dr. Whyman graduated from Princeton in 1993, with and MA and Ph.D. In history.

Dr. Whyman has delivered conference papers at Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Princeton Universities. She is currently a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in London. She has taught at both Princeton and Rutgers Universities.

"I couldn't have anticipated entering a whole new stimulating world of academic life", says Dr. Whyman. She didn't want a nine to five job, but questioned whether she would be taken seriously as an independent scholar. Her "wonderfully active intellectual life" includes several fellowships, teaching, researching, mentoring students, presenting at conferences, writing, and publishing. She has authored eight publications and written a book, Sociability and Power in Late Stuart England:The Cultural World of The Verneys' 1660-1720 (Oxford University Press 1999), which was nominated for the Longman History Today prize for the best history book of 2000. Comments of the book included, "makes history com alive for the general reader, students and teachers".

Dr. Whyman has been active in several community organizations. She was a Founder, Director, and Board member of the Volunteer Center of Monmouth County. She served on the b