RAsheda Young

Class: 1995Inducted: 2021

RAsheda Young graduated from Asbury Park High School in 1995. She majored in English at Hampton University where she received a bachelor’s degree (2000). Years later, she pursued an advanced degree at the University of Phoenix, gaining exceptional knowledge in synchronous learning and online learning platforms and systems. After studying at the University of Phoenix, RAsheda continued to develop her expertise in writing and teaching by enrolling into the Language and Literacy graduate program at The City College of New York. As a graduate student, she served on the Graduate Student Advisory Board and was an executive member of The Institute for the Emergence of 21st Literacies. She earned her masters’ degree in 2014.

Currently, RAsheda Young is a full-time instructor for Rutgers University’s Writing Program. In addition to her role as a teacher, she is an active member of the department’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee. In support of Black Lives Matter, in August 2020 she participated in and helped organize an eight part virtual workshop centered on anti-racist pedagogy for the Writing Program at Rutgers University.

In addition to teaching for Rutgers University, RAsheda Young teaches writing courses for New York University.

Prior to both Rutgers University and New York University, she was also a full-time faculty member for the College Writing program at Fairleigh Dickinson University where she served in various capacities, including Director of the African American Studies minor. During her tenure she created two courses: The New Jim Crow and Feminism, Womanism and Beyonce.

Also for thirteen years, she tutored at a writing center and was an adjunct instructor for a community college in New Jersey.

RAsheda Young’s scholarship focuses on Black Language. In addition to that she has presented at the internationally esteemed Conference on College Composition and Commun