Philip S. Schein, MD

Philip S. Schein, MD

Class: 1957Inducted: 2003

Dr. Philip S. Schein is one of the world''s leading authorities in the treatment of cancer. He is a consultant to the drug industry, and a Professor of medicine and pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, and Oxford University. He was the founder and chief executive officer of a company which developed several drugs for the treatment of cancer before it was acquired by another company. He has been awarded eleven patents, and has published more than 350 articles and texts concerning cancer research and drug development. He has received many scientific and medical awards and honors and held many leadership positions in major organizations concerned with cancer research and treatment.

Dr. Schein grew up in Asbury Park. He graduated from Asbury''s Bradley Grammar School in 1953. His father was an Asbury Park fireman who died fighting a fire when Dr. Schein was 13 years old. When he was a boy he won a scholarship to study piano in a national competition. He was sponsored by the Asbury Park Boys Club. He was a member of the Asbury Park Boy Scouts Troop, and became an Eagle Scout at an early age.

In high school, Dr. Schein was a member of the track team; he was an All-State trombone player; he had the lead role in several high school plays; and he was a member of a band known as the ''BeBop Five'' which played at parties and other functions.

Dr. Schein graduated from Rutgers University in 1961. Today he is a Rutgers University Trustee. During his college years he worked as an Asbury Park lifeguard, and at The Monmouth Park Race Track.

Dr. Schein obtained his MD from Upstate Medical University, of New York. He continued his education at Harvard, Oxford, and the National Cancer Institute. Of all his many accomplishments, Dr. Schein is most proud of training a large number of physicians and researchers who now hold leadership positions in major medical centers and are making their contributions to the treatment of cancer.