Milford W. Stanley, Jr.

Milford W. Stanley, Jr.

Class: 1958Inducted: 2012

Milford W. Stanley, Jr. attended and graduated from Asbury Park High School in 1958. While attending Asbury Park High, he participated in the many daily activities at school. He was a member of the marching band and ran on the track team.

Early in life, Mr. Stanley Sr. introduced Milford to music with piano lessons. After three years, he purchased a saxophone. That was the spark that ignited Milford''s love of Latin music. After living for four years in Europe, he turned to the United States. A cousin, Harvey, introduced Milford to Ira, a Latin piano musician. As a result, a sixteen-member swing band emerged with Ira writing the music.

A friend ship developed with George Floyd through music. With that friendship, George also joined the Latin swing band with Milford.

In the summer, during his freshman-sophomore years, Milford had a job as a busboy at the now defunct Hotel Monterey. While there he overheard the owner upset because the house band did not show up to play. The hotel was crowded with people. Milford developed enough nerve to ask the owner if he could bring in the Latin Band. The owner looked and laughed and said, "Yes kid." The band played at the hotel for five years.

The group played Thursday though Sunday during the summer. George and Milford were not able to play in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday until they could drive safely.

Milford''s interests slowly changed toward Architecture and Design. Upon graduation from Asbury, Milford attended City College of New York and New Your Institute of Design and Technology. He had one goal in college - becoming an architect.

Through many hours of study and design, Milford earned degrees in Design Interior and Architecture. With the support from his family, he became an architect.

Asbury Park High School enabled him to gain the vital tools for college. He was also able to utilize those tools to move forward through life. Over the past year, Milford has received several Letters of Accommodation for Outstanding Architecture Project. He is currently working with Harvey E. Myers AIA of Princeton. Through their collaboration, Milford and Harvey redesigned the Historic Soldier Home War Memorial of Atlantic City, a Demonstration Project in East Orange, and an elementary school.