Mark Aronchick

Mark Aronchick

Class: 1960Inducted: 2024

Mark has had an extraordinary career as one of Pennsylvania’s outstanding leaders, and one of the most highly recognized lawyers nationally.

His accomplishments during his fifty years as a lawyer include founding a major law firm in Philadelphia, serving as: the City Solicitor for Philadelphia; the 71st Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association; the Vice Chair of the Judicial Conduct Board of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the Chair of the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics; and as a member of the Judicial Counsel of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mark has received numerous honors over the years including being named in 2019 as Pennsylvania Attorney of the Year, receiving the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Bar Medial (the highest recognition bestowed by the Bar), and often being named as one of the top ten litigators in Pennsylvania. He has been a Fellow of the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers for thirty years.

Mark has dedicated significant amounts of time and resources to cases of enormous public impact including serving as the lead lawyer representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or major counties such as Philadelphia in over twenty challenges to the legality and operation of the Presidential election in 2020 (including facing off against Rudy Giuliani in federal court in November 2020, and winning a victory of national and international importance); representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2018 in overturning a congressional gerrymandered map; defending in 2018 the City of Philadelphia’s “soda tax”, creating tens of millions of dollars for early childhood education; representing in 2014 a number of LGBT plaintiffs in striking down the ban in Pennsylvania against same sex marriage; serving as the chief lawyer in closing down the notorious Pennhurst Institute for the Mentally Retarded and Insane; and as chief counsel in the closing of the infamous Holmesburg Prison, and reforming the criminal justice system generally in Philadelphia. He also has taught any number of courses at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law and at the Tsinghua University Law School in Beijing, China in 2015 and 2018.

Mark has held many leadership positions in charitable and community organizations, including serving as the President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation (which funds over twenty public interest law organizations); serving on boards as varied as the Trey McIntyre Project (a national ballet company), his synagogue, Jewish day schools, public interest legal organizations, youth sports organizations, and on another ballet company, BalletX. Aside from the literally hundreds of students he’s taught, he has been and is a long time mentor to scores of high school and college students and young professionals.

Mark has been married for 51 years to Dr. Judith Aronchick and has two children Sara (age 40) and Jonathan (age 37) who are both accomplished professionals, as well as four spectacular grandchildren, Ethan, Jake, Ben, and Lilah. His family is his heart, soul, and life source.

Mark believes that his achievements spring from who he is and where he came from, namely his strong and loving family – his parents Lilyan and Sidney Aronchick, and his siblings, Martin, Ronnie, and Gerri (all of whom excelled at Asbury Park High School as well); growing up in Bardley Beach and attending Asbury Park High School, two places where he learned self-sufficiency, the importance of diversity, and working in small and large ways to better his community, To Mark, coming of age in the Sixties (especially with the Beatles) was formative. One of Mark’s many favorite quotes is from Rabbi Hillel, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”