Dr. Jack Ansell

Dr. Jack Ansell

Class: 1964Inducted: 2005

Dr. Jack Ansell is the youngest of 4 brothers who all graduated from APHS (David ''54, Robert ''56, and Richard ''60). Dr. Ansell is the "contrarian" of the Ansell brothers. His three older brothers all went to law school and became attorneys; while he attended medical school and became a doctor. His three brothers married and raised their families at the Jersey Shore, while he moved to Massachusetts., where he raised his family. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Virginia and then embarked on a career in his specialty, hematology and oncology. Dr. Ansell''s career has included the treatment of patients, medical research and academia. He was an assistant professor, and full professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine. He is currently professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, vice chairman for clinical affairs in the department of medicine at Boston University Medical Center and medical director of Boston University Medical Group.

Dr. Ansell has received numerous professional awards and honors. He has authored over 100 peer reviewed articles, 1 book, and over 50 chapters in various books as well as over 4o abstracts, letters, and brief reports. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on anticoagulation drugs. He developed a one of a kind national network of healthcare providers in the field of anti-thrombotic therapy (The Anticoagulation Forum). Dr. Ansell lists his proudest accomplishments, and not necessarily in this order, as:

  • Caring for thousands of patients with life threatening blood cancers, attempting to ease their burden, providing them with hope, and increasingly curing what have historically been incurable diseases.
  • Educating several thousand medical students.
  • Furthering the field of anti-thrombotic therapy.
  • Having been married for 37 years to Beth (Shapiro, APHS Class of ''64) whom he met in the sixth grade at Bond Street School, who married John and Dean and have produced 2 wonderful grandchildren.

Dr. Ansell provided a quote from Walter Cronkite, "I can''t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn''t give this game of life everything he''s got."