Dr. Charles W. Faulk

Class: 1959Inducted: 2005

Despite the fact that Dr. Charles W. Faulk was advised by his high school guidance counselor that he would not graduate from high school, he not only graduated, but after a year of driving a truck and working as a store clerk, he entered and graduated from Parsons (Iowa) College with a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry. He enlisted in the Army and shortly thereafter entered Officer's Candidate School. He was commissioned as an officer in 1965 and served in several locations. He entered medical school in 1971 and graduated with an M.D. Degree from the University of Minnesota in 1975. Dr. Faulk was a military staff physician and completed a residency in psychiatry. He was appointed Chief of Psychiatry in military facilities in Hawaii, California, and South Korea. He completed a fellowship in Oklahoma, where he was inducted into the Artillery Hall of Fame. Dr. Faulk was the recipient of the Army Good Conduct Medal, Commendation Medal, and Army Legion of Merit. He retired from the Army in 1989 as a Colonel. Since that time, Dr. Faulk has been a practicing psychiatrist in California, holding positions as Assistant Chief and Chief of Psychiatry.

Dr. Faulk credits his parents, who had to leave school after the fourth grade in order to go to work, for wanting a better life for their son and instilling in him the importance of education. Dr. Faulk is most proud of his family, his military career, and the adults and children he has helped during his career. He selected this quote which he feels best reflects his philosophy, "Be all that you can be". It is apparent that this philosophy has guided Dr. Faulk from the time someone thought he would be unable to graduate from high school to achieving great success and recognition in his life.