Dr. Benjamin C. Moffett

Dr. Benjamin C. Moffett

Class: 1941Inducted: 2003

Dr. Benjamin Moffett, although not a dentist, was a teacher of future dentists for 38 years. He received his bachelor''s degree from Syracuse University in 1948 and his PhD in anatomy from New York University in 1952. He was an assistant and associate professor of neuro-anatomy at the school of dentistry at the University of Alabama from 1952 to 1961. He was an associate professor at Wayne State University and then became professor of anatomy in the orthodontic department of the school of dentistry of the University of Washington. He remained there for 26 years until his retirement in 1990. Dr. Moffett was a visiting professor at universities in Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands and routinely received standing ovations after his lectures in the United States and abroad. Over the years, he served as president of the Alabama Society M Medical History and as president of the Faculty Council of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. He was also chairman of numerous University of Washington committees.

For his research on the tempora-mandibular joint, Dr. Moffett received numerous state and national awards and citations. From 1952 until his retirement he published 64 articles in professional journals, primarily in dental and neurosurgery publications, with an emphasis on the human face and jaw.

Dr. Moffett is enjoying retirement in Redmond, Washington. When asked to describe his most rewarding accomplishment, Dr. Moffett replied, "getting my message across through my teaching as evidenced by letters from hundreds of former students who have gone on to be successful dentists and doctors". A lifetime teacher and true intellectual, Dr. Moffett indicated the quotation best reflects his philosophy is "Our minds become imprisoned by what our hands do for a living".