Dr. Barry Anton

Dr. Barry Anton

Class: 1965Inducted: 2016

Barry Anton graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree. He followed that up by attaining a Masters’ Degree and a Ph.D from Colorado State University. He then went to the Harvard Medical School where he interned and then pursued a Post-Doctoral Fellowship all in his chosen field of psychology.

He became a professor at the University of Puget Sound, where he remained from 1973 until 2007, where he became Professor Emeritus. He has been the managing partner of Ranier Behavioral Health in Tacoma, Washington since 1986. Along the way, Dr. Anton became a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Recipient of the Karl F. Heiser Award for Advocacy and was the Commencement Speaker at the Ferkauf School of Clinical Psychology at Yeshiva University in New York. Dr. Anton is the author of sixty-five professional publications and has made over 100+ national and international presentations. He remains a member of the Board of Directors of the Comprehensive Mental Health Center located in Tacoma, Washington, as well as the Annie Wright School also in Tacoma.

In 2015 Dr. Anton ran for, and was elected, President of the American Psychological Association, an organization with over 137,000 members. Prior to his election, Dr. Anton had 15 years of APA governance and leadership experience, including serving on the Council of Representatives, three terms on the APA Boards of Directors and APA Boards of Professional and Educational Affairs. He served on eight APA Task Forces, including Chair of the Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Military Service, and the Task Force on Psychology’s Agenda for Children and Adolescent Mental Health. He also served on Washington State’s then Governor Christine Gregoire’s Task Force on Bullying and Youth Violence. He serves as an oral examiner for the American Board of Professional Psychology.

He has been married to Maren Stavig since 1979 and is the proud father of Amy Stavig Anton (32), Eric Stavig Anton (30), and Kate Bregman Anton (30).

Barry’s quote is: "People won’t remember what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel."

~Maya Angelo~