Claudia Faye Peek Corbin

Class: 1962Inducted: 2012

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" is the quotation Claudia Corbin has chosen as her life's guideline.

After graduation from Asbury Park High School, Claudia attended Hampton University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature in 1968. By 1985, she was a nominee for the Outstanding Black Woman in Michigan and Who's Who in Black Detroit 2010 edition.

Her varied and inspiring career began as a reporter at the Michigan Chronicle and she assumed various positions, including Executive Assistant to the Director of Public Relations, Hampton University, Editorial Researcher at the Detroit Free Press, Director of Special Summer Programs at the United Way of Detroit, Community Research Assistant at Wayne State University, Department of Community Medicine just to mention a few.

Healthcare became her primary focus and she assumed the position of Director of Special Projects for the Comprehensive Health Services of Detroit. Currently, she is the Director of Detroit Community Health Connections, Inc., Healthy Teens Community Care.

Ms. Corbin has given much of her time to her community. She is a member of the Committee to Elect Barak Obama President of the United States, is the founder, and Executive Director of International Black Peoples Foundation, NAACP Detroit Chapter, HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategic Roundtable, and the Detroit Recovery Project Substance Abuse Prevention Committee.

Her publications include many newspaper and magazine articles. She has also published two books: Daily Faith Affirmations For Such a Time as This, 2004, and The Artist and His Wife, 2004.

Ms. Corbin affirms as her accomplishments: "Raising my two daughters to be productive, contributing adults; forming the International Black Peoples Foundation, to raise funds and awareness of starvation in the Horn of Africa;getting funded for and running the Healthy Teens Community Care Center for health servic