Carl Williams

Carl Williams

Class: 1960Inducted: 2010

Carl Williams represents all that is good in Asbury Park. After graduating from high school, he furthered his education at Edward Waters College in Florida and at Monmouth College. He has been actively involved in his community since his graduation from high school, and his business and civic activities have benefitted many.

Mr. Williams has participated in state, county, and local government. He was elected to the Asbury Park City Council in 1993 and served as a councilman until 1995. In 1995 he served as Deputy Mayor, and in 1996 he became the Mayor. He has also been very active with the Board of Education. His civic awards are too numerous to list, but Carl treasures his Spirit of Asbury Park Award given by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Monmouth County, the Wilbur Ray Business Award given by Brookdale Community College (his wife received the same reward), and the 1997 New Jersey Mayor''s Award. In 1994 Carl received a special invitation from President William Jefferson Clinton to come to the White House to discuss local community issues. President Clinton appreciated the "Mr. Fashions" necktie he received from Carl.

Carl has been part of the business community for over fifty years. While in high school he started his work career at Fisch''s Department store on Springwood Avenue. In 1971 Carl started a clothing business at "Mr. Fashions" on Cookman Avenue. "Mr. Fashions" continued under Carl''s control until 2007, when he retired. "Mr. Fashions" was not only a clothing store, but a place where all members of the community went for sage advice. Through his ministry at "Mr. Fashions" Carl helped countless citizens both young and old.

Mr. Williams resides in Lakewood, New Jersey with his wife, Edwina, who is a school teacher. They have two children, a daughter Jade, and a son, Keith. Keith and his wife Alice have a daughter, Jewell.

Carl has been the driving force behind the creation and operation of the Asbury Park Hall of Fame. The committee members felt that Carl Williams inclusion in the Hall of Fame was long overdue.

Throughout his life Carl has tried to instill in our youth that, "It is not where you start in life, but where you finish that counts. It is not about being dealt a poor hand, but you are to play the hand that you are dealt and make something of it."

Carl remains active with the Asbury Park and Neptune School Districts trying to make a positive difference.